Selected Credits

Documentaries and Docudramas for:

BBC (put forward for BAFTA short-list)

Discovery Channel ( Including Emmy nominated Doc, Nefertiti)

National Geographic

History Channel

Channel 4 & % UK

Showtime/ Slice / Bravo

Notable TV shows:

Oprah Winfrey

American Idol

Saturday Night Live

Ex-Wives Of Rock

Top Gear

Zombie Apocalypse

Sex With Sunny Megatron

Restaurant Takeover

Money Moron

Drew Carey

Paula Zahn / Aphrodte Jones


Good Morning America

Recent Films / Projects:

PINUP DOLLS ON ICE ( Director, Geoff Klein )

BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE (9 festival nominations, directed by Geoff Klein)

GANGSTERLAND Genie award-winning film, directed by Jephte Bastien.

Music for the World Energy Conference- 7 giant TV screens multi media live event

After classical piano and theory training in the late 70s, Vickerage made the characteristically idiosyncratic move into pop music, rather than pursue the early vision of a career as a symphonist. This left-field broadside lead to a record deal with EMI, in the '80s, as one half of an electro-pop duo,recording alongside some of the icons of the period, such as Duran Duran, Adam And The Ants, Kajagoogoo,etc.

Vickerage then gravitated towards production music ( to which, to this day, he still makes occasional contributions ), and from the mid-90s his output was prodigious. The fruit of this can still be heard worldwide, with his music currently being used on major TV and advertising, on all continents. This then lead to a more creative and significant redirection into the world of television.

Out of the UK, Vickerage worked on major Emmy & BAFTA award winning and nominated productions (himself being put forward for nomination three times), ranging from writing for all the major domestic channels, to scoring for US productions on Discovery, National Geographic, etc. Some of these programmes demanded Hollywood-style soundtracks, with large orchestral resources, which lead to the inevitable step for him: to make the move to film scoring, at the turn of the 21st century.

Vickerage recently scored Pinup Dolls On Ice, the sequel to Geoff Klein's cult horror hit, Bikini Girls On Ice, which has so far garnered 9 nominations. He also co-scored the record-breaking Turkish crime feature, Kabadayi.